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Avoid and resolve legal conflicts

Spectrum Legal is a multidisciplinary partnership of lawyers, legal practitioners and mediators with the aim of providing legal peace of mind to entrepreneurs, companies and administrations and thus allowing them to focus on the actual business.

From years of experience as a lawyer and legal interim manager in various national and international companies, we noticed that too little value was attached to the prevention of legal problems and conflicts. Once a conflict had arisen, too little was focused on the solution to be achieved.

We work from our experience and our knowledge of your day-to-day business, possibly after first going through a legal interim / secondment process, so that our opinions are pragmatic and concrete. We point to risks and problems, but also offer solutions so that you can do business undisturbed.

We prefer alternative dispute resolution, based on negotiation and mediation, over one-sided rulings by outsiders (judges, arbitrators...), but if there is no other way out, our lawyers defend your interests with heart and passion before any court or arbitrator.

Innoveren en optimaliseren voor de client

Spectrum legal is an innovative multidisciplinary partnership between lawyers, legal practitioners and mediators, because we are convinced that sharing knowledge and experience from different legal perspectives is in each client's favour.

We are committed to digitisation and modernisation, with electronic file management and access to digital legal databases. We closely follow economic, technical and legal developments. But also in terms of cooperation, we leave the classical hierarchical structures, and prefer horizontal cooperation with (external) partners when this can support the service to the client.

We work precisely, meticulously and cautiously, with a heart for the client and demand that our employees and partners share the same values.

Who are we?

Spectrum Legal was founded by Jeroen Lison and Liesje Wermoes and consists of a team of internal and external lawyers, consultants and mediators.

Jeroen Lison

Jeroen joined the Ghent Bar in 2003, to start his own office in Asse (Brussels) in 2008 and join the Dutch-speaking Brussels Bar.

Jeroen specialises commercial law, company law and construction law.

Through years of support to entrepreneurs, SMEs and Belgian and international companies, including, including by carrying-out legal outsourcing / secondment projects, Jeroen is adept at working quickly into the concrete business workings of his clients to advise and assist them efficiently and pragmatically.

Jeroen has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts in various sectors. Jeroen is also an experienced lawyer in the various aspects of corporate law.

Jeroen is also deputy Justice of the Peace of the Canton of Asse and legal assessor at the Flemish Council of the Association of Architects.

Master in Law, Ghent University & Advanced Master of Business Law, Antwerp University.

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Jeroen Lison Spectrum Legal Asse

Liesje Wermoes

Liesje Wermoes was a lawyer at the Brussels Bar for many years.

She is an expert in social law, a recognised mediator and has since built up years of experience as interim manager in various leading companies in various sectors (the banking sector, the food sector, the aviation sector, the energy sector, the temporary employment sector...).

Based on her passion for social law and HR in general, she provides practical support to employers on a daily basis in their HR policy (legal advice, negotiations with social partners, project management, well-being at work, ...) and to employees for their employment law questions.

Do you need correct and useful advice? Is your HR department urgently looking for a freelance HR (legal) consultant who manages to combine a hands-on mentality with integrity and correctness? If you have questions as an employee on your employment contract, your severance pay, non-compete clause or... , do not hesitate to contact us. Liesje puts people at the centre and works with you to find out how to help.

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Katleen Libens

Katleen Libens graduated as a Master of Laws from KU Leuven in 2007, after which she registered at the Brussels bar. She has also gained several years of experience as an internal legal counsel in the private and public sector.

In 2015 she made a final choice for a career as a lawyer at the bar. Since January 2017, Katleen Libens has been recognized by the Federal Mediation Commission as a mediator in civil and commercial matters. She is a founding member of UwBemiddelaars, an independent association of recognized intermediaries.

Katleen Libens joined the Spectrum legal office in September 2020. Her preferred areas are trade and contract law, as well as liability law.

Besides law, horses are her great passion. To this end, she set up the Equinelaw office, which focuses on equestrian law.

Katleen Libens

Katleen Libens Spectrum Legal Asse

Joris Lopes

Joris Lopes obtained his bachelor's degree in law from Hasselt University and during his master's degree at KU Leuven he chose economic law as a major and international and European law as a minor. During his work as internal legal counsel in the insurance sector, he gained experience in the business world and immersed himself in insurance law as well as liability law.

In 2020 he joined the Brussels Bar and Spectrum Legal. His focus is on economic law, in particular on corporate and company law. Joris also has a strong interest in European Union law.

Joris Lopes Spectrum Legal Asse

Our services



Bringing in a lawyer at the right time continues to have its added value. After all, a lawyer has a deontological professional secrecy, a monopoly on pleadings, a deontological duty to retrain permanently and can conduct confidential negotiations.


Spectrum Legal can help your business if you are temporarily or for long-term periods of time looking for additional workers to assist you legally or within the HR. Is one of your team members on maternity leave or sick leave? Is there a temporary project for which you want to enable external help? Do you just want to work flexibly with an external force that gets to know and strengthen your company from the inside out?


Parties to a conflict can turn to a mediator when they have become deadlocked (e.g. because of difficult communication). A mediator will help them find a solution. To this end, all kinds of specialised techniques are used. Mediation is always voluntary and each party can end the process at any time. The solution that is found is only binding after formal signing of the agreement.
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